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LaGwana Media is a broadcast service provided to the local area around LaGrange County. With ties to the Westview school district, LaGwana Media got its start by broadcasting at the Westview basketball games. It started as audio only and has grown into a livestreaming video service. Archives of the games are uploaded for viewers to enjoy throughout the season as well.

New, in the year 2020, was the addition of livestreaming graduation ceremonies for Westview, Central Noble, and Churubusco schools and, most recently, adding Lakeland Laker football! Tune in for Lakeland’s four home games on August 21, September 4, September 18, and October 2.

This service is sponsor based with businesses and individuals in the community purchasing packages that, depending on the level, give them video spots, logo placement on this website, a mention in the opening/closing, etc. Video commercials can be submitted to be used as-is or LaGwana can create them for a fee.

If interested in sponsoring Westview basketball or Lakeland football, please contact us.Melatonin is a cost effective remedy for helping men to sustain an erection.

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